Monday, May 23, 2011


Is it true that feeding mother's milk in early days in an infant's life have a positive effect on children's future growth and development?

Does it affect the mental and emotional aspects of the children if mother's milk is denied at the early days of his life?

psychologists say that only children who are denied their mother's breast in early days, tend to smoke when they become adolescents and young children. Is the statement true.

There is some truth in it. When breast sucking is denied in early days of their infantile stage, their sucking reflex get stuck and they may psychologically crave for a human breast to satisfy their sucking stimulus, which they compensate in the form of sucking their own fingers to satisfy their sucking urge. Some children put pencils and pen in their mouth and suck it vigorously when they are emotionally tortured by their mothers or teachersor when they feel insecure.

When they grow into adulthood they may succumb to the temptation of smoking cigarettes which they think, may satisfy them psychologically to experience and taste the "sucking reflex" which they lost in their childhood years. Peer pressures and mental and emotional pressures that they face in their day to day stressful life make them a habitual smokers.

Dr.Habibullah answers lot of intersting questions concerned with 'adolescent health' to a tamil magazine 'vasuki'.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011



Why thoughts disturb the mind. What is the difference between a positive thought and a negative thought. Is it possible to control a confusing and disturbing thought. How can a person remove a bad thought from the mind.


Tought generally moves like a cloud in the sky.If you carefully watch your mind very intutively for a moment, you can very easily witness how a thought enters into your mind. If you are a little bit alert you can very easily catch the disturbing thought that moves slowly into your mind. If a good thought comes it is a positive thought, if a bad thought comes it is a negative thought. Some thoughts come and stay in the mind for a short time, sometimes the thoughts stay longer. When a bad thought stays longer, it disturbs the mind.

Thoughts of sadness, worry, fear and anger contain negative ingredients that dulls the mind to inaction, that makes you hopeless and helpless. Negative thoughts always confuse the mind and make you more restless. Positive thoughts like faith and hope stimulate the mind and make you more energised, positive and confident. When you generate positive energy your thought carry more of bliss in it, When you generate negative energy the thought carry more of poison in it. When the negative energy is more you feel more tired, fatigued, and exhausted.

Monday, May 2, 2011



Is it true that the young mind is emotional - if it is so, how the mind functions in young children and adolescents.


you can imagine the mind like a silver screen, on which thoughts are projected like images. When bad thoughts are projected on it the young mind is disturbed.Children and young adults do not know how to differenciate a good thought from the bad thought because the young mind is immature. When the child is confused the thinking get confused. Emotional traumas and tantrums lead the younger children towards violence. These children in general behave abnormally.

Children learn all their primary emotions directly from their mothers, because their minds are in a developing stage and it is so weak and fragile. When a mother is depressed the child feels the emotion of depression and experience the sad feelings of the mother. They reflect the sad feelings on their faces more vividly. They display sadness, unhappiness, anger and fear with intensity and colour. Bad emotions like this always cripple the young mind and make them sick and weak. These children are always shy and withdrawn, socially inadequate and nervous. These children are more prone for alcohol addiction and drug habits.