Wednesday, January 11, 2012


the impulse to attract the opposite gender

Teenage is the period when children are equipped with the tools of young adults. The true functioning of the new equipment is unknown to them.No one teaches them how to handle it in a proper way. The changes that happen in the anatomy of their bodies create lot of turmoil in their blood chemistry which alters the psychology of their thinking style.The sudden disappearance of the small tools and the changes that happen around their sexual apparatus make them a little bit crazy and funny.Comparing their anatomical parts with their peers and at times exposing it to the opposite sex gives them a sort of sensual pleasure. It is natural for the teenagers to get the appreciation or admiration from their friends especially from the opposite gender. School talent shows and sport events pave the way and the competition is so hectic that very few are recognised and the rest are allowed to show their innate talent elsewhere. To get the attention and attraction of the of the opposite gender they need to show certain talents in certain fields. If it is not possible they may loose their charisma and get neglected by their peers and loved ones. The sadness starts the minute they start loving the opposite partner. The primal love affair begins and ends in love - hate relationship.

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