Wednesday, January 11, 2012


emotional stress - too much to bear at this young age

A child with a load of emotional stress cannot listen properly. It is too difficult for them to respond to an easy request or command either from their parents or teachers. They can't think properly with clear headedness. When their emotions are intense their thoghts get confused or distorted. Even a small issue from the house or the school becomes a  great threat, these children feel unhappy because that generate fear and worry in their mind. Stress generally disables their stability. They may find it difficult to understand the feelings of others. They at times mis-read the emotions of their own parents. when emotions are unbearable they may burst into tears or fall into temper - tantrums or psychological convulsions. These children neither impress nor attract  teachers or their own friends. These bad feelings have a damaging effect on their mental performance in school. Head aches, body pain and sleep disorders are the result of these stress and bad emotions.

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