Thursday, January 12, 2012


In all societies heroes are generally admired, recognised, respected and sometimes worshipped. Political world and the entertainment world  creates real heroes and these heroes give a lot of inspiration to these youngsters. Love at first sight is an impulse, an emotional instinct. A play of body chemistry - an  alteration in their physiology plays a vital role in stimulating the sexual impulse in these youngsters.

Attracting the opposite sex or in teenage love affairs, appearance, beauty and body image and shapes are major ingredients. In sexual matters things are different and at times opposite. There is a lot of difference between a love failure and sexual failure. Teenage love is based on body attraction, a perfect body image that should be appreciated and adored by both friends and lovers. Teenage love is not born out of compassion, it is hundred percent sexual passion. In this young digital world boys are measured by their toys - the mobiles, the ipod, the ipad, the two wheeler and the car that  they possess.

Bigger tools and modern toys generate more attraction. The one who spends time more in the shopping malls and restaurants  attract more lovers, friends and admirers. Teenage love affairs also work like commerce.

The number of lovers  the teenager attracts within a short span of time is more important than putting all attention to attract one single individual. The modern rule says - ATTRACT MANY AND LOVE NONE
In this new age it is easy to convert a lover into an admirer and an admirer into a lover. Teenage love affair does not last longer. If the teenager is a boy, it is too difficult for him to continue the affair because he cannot marry his lover at this tender age. Without good financial independence it is very difficult for him to maintain a family.

Modern parents love to see the teenage love - affairs in cinemas, not in real life. Dating a boy or girl is nothing to do with love making. The word 'dating'  misrepresents everything. Media and internet promotes the heinous crime subtly and exploit the innocent adolescents without unerstanding the bad consequences. Because of this an innocent love-affair is projected as a love making affair, that ultimately spoils the tender lives of the innocent teenagers. Without infusing good family values these children get spoiled and their life become miserable sooner. With good parental care and personal guidance these children and teenagers can be saved from the turmoil of the mental and the emotional agonies that result from the  innocent love  affair.

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